Drug Target ID is a participant in the upcoming EU Innovative Medicines Initiative-2 (IMI-2) project PRISM that will study the (genetic and other) etiology of social withdrawal and cognitive deficits as shared traits between AD, major depression and schizophrenia, and that will start in early 2016.

From 1 August  2015 onwards and together with the SME orikami (www.orikami.nl), we make a digital version of the molecular landscape of multiple sclerosis (MS) and an online platform for personalized MS health care. This two-year project, DiaPro MS-app, is supported by EU-EFRO OP-Oost (project number PROJ-00217).
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As a partner of the EU FP7  research project MATRICS, we are currently building a molecular landscape for aggression/conduct disorder (CD).

As part of the EU FP7 research project TS-EUROTRAIN, we are currently building a molecular landscape for Tourette syndrome (TS).

As part of the EU FP7 research project OPTMISTIC (http://www.optimistic-dm.eu/), we are currently building a molecular landscape of the muscular disease myotonic dystrophy type 1 (DM1).

On 20 October 2013, Dr Geert Poelmans, founder/director of DTID, received the 2013 Richard Todd Award for Child Psychiatric Genetics of the International Society of Psychiatric Genetics at the World Conference of Psychiatric Genetics in Boston, USA. The award was given to Geert for his “outstanding contribution to the genetics of child psychiatric disorders”, based on the ‘molecular landscape building approach’ that he developed.

For a project that is funded by a Dutch private foundation, we have built an integrated molecular landscape for Alzheimer’s disease (AD). 

For our industrial partner Synthon Biopharmaceuticals, Ltd, we have built a molecular landscape of biochemical signaling cascades for multiple sclerosis (MS).



Drug Target ID is a limited (Ltd.) company
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